Golf Cartoon: Crime of Passion - Jimmy Hamiter

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Artist: Jimmy Hamiter - Par Four, Inc

It was after he was tied to a tree by two friends - and hit repeatedly in the crotch with range balls - that Hamiter agreed to be the creative force behind Bogeyball(R). The other two guys? They're marketing and business geniuses who came up with the idea to do this in the first place. Thus is the humble beginnings of Par Four, Inc. and Bogeyball(R).

With his partners, Hamiter dreams of turning Bogeyball(R) into more than a cartoon, but a golf humor brand of monolithic proportions. His real job? He's a graphic designer, award-winning copywriter and owns an ad creative consultancy in Atlanta. See more of Bogeyball(R), including a book, calendar and greeting card samples at

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Used with full permission by Jimmy Hamiter and Par Four, Inc. BogeyBall is a registered trademark and service mark of Par Four, Inc.